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The Lord gives sleep

Every night when you drift off to sleep, you have a powerful reminder that you are loved by God....

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The Lord and Giver of Rest

There’s almost always more work to do than can ever be done....

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The Lord and his Creation

The Lord’s will is not bound to ours as if he’s a marionette being pulled by the strings of our activity....

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God at work

If we think we’re in it all on our own or that our effort is the only effort that matters, when will we ever rest?...

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Reading as Listening

In reading, we experience communal relationships not only with the author but also with others who are listening to the words. ...

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The Channel and the Source

What do you do if your father’s instruction and your mother’s teaching don’t feel like a garland to grace your head or a chain to adorn your neck?...

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Listen to your parents?

One way to navigate the communications chaos in the world is to set up priority people, people to whom you’ll listen no matter what....

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Not past the past

A humble take on our current era can help us pursue wisdom in healthy ways in our generation....

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Jesus, The Straight Path, and Trust

The echo of the proverbial straight path reminds us that trusting Jesus is how we get to holiness, righteousness, and life....

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The Direct Path

The easiest path isn’t always the most direct one....

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