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Meditative Reading

Jesus’ every word and phrase can ring in our ears....

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Better than you imagined

What do you expect God to do when he sees you?...

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A Creative Attempt

All sorts of things motivate people to seek Jesus: a longing for meaning, a desire for community, curiosity, financial interests, peer pressure … the list goes on and on....

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The Gift of Eternal Life

God desires to bless the entire cosmos with life. ...

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The Inclusive Love of God

God loving the world must have come as quite a shock to Nicodemus...

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The Weight of the Gift

God has given a big gift and, in some ways, taken a big risk, in the hope that we will believe and, in that belief, enter into his family and receive life....

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My sheep are your sheep

God offers us his committed loyalty and covenant faithfulness....

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Loved so much

There is something about knowing that you are loved that just feels good....

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The Rest of M's Story

Take some time today to read the dramatic conclusion of Mephibosheth’s story. Commentators disagree as to what happens with him here....

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We're not worthy

The Lord’s way of lifting us out of our shame isn’t to create a fiction in which we have nothing of which to be ashamed....

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