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On Not Being Thomas Jefferson with Jesus

If we stick with Jesus long enough, we'll bump up against something that's hard for us. Stick with it, it's worth it. ...

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How to Justify Your Existence

We all want to be justified on some level. Let God's justification of us carry the day!...

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Two Guys Walk into a Temple

If our understanding of God is warped our prayers will be warped. Our prayers can help us to see as a mirror our picture of God--and help us to do some correction if necessary...

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Strong Convictions, Generous Heart

How do we have convictions and yet live generously?...

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About Your Friend Who Can't Stand Religious People

Jesus didn't get along with self-righteous religious people like many of our friends who aren't Christians. That's good news!...

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Set Free From (Mere) Religion

Jesus frees us from empty religion to a real relationship...

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God Wants You to Be Rich (Truly!)

God gives us earthly money to allow us to invest in something eternal....

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A Once in a Lifetime Investment Opportunity

Jesus challenges us to invest in eternal things...

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What Do We Do With This???

Sometimes we have to remember reading Scripture is a cross-cultural experience. Be patient, do a little digging and we might learn some things....

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The Geico Gecko Helps With Your Problems

Getting creative with problem solving takes a little step back sometimes...

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