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Yes, no?

Years ago Alex introduced us to a phrase that offers great insight into this dilemma: “God’s ‘No’ is always in service to his larger ‘Yes.’”...

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All our needs, all his promises

In Christ, we see God’s persistent initiative. We aren’t left to our own devices. God follows through on his promises....

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"Yes" and Union

As we consider God’s faithfulness to Christ as faithfulness to us, we’ll gain confidence that God can be trusted....

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Meditating on "Yes" and "Amen"

We’re going to invite you to meditate on a verse this morning. ...

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God's plan on display

What does Jesus tell us about God’s character and intentions?...

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Peace and Prosperity

Generosity will change and shape you. Becoming a generous-hearted person may cost you. Some might take advantage of you. But in the long run, you’ll flourish....

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Steps toward thriving

The good and beautiful life is always available to us. We may find ourselves in challenging and desperate situations. We may have moments when we can’t see through the tears. But God is for thriving. And he will make a way for you to experience life and joy … if you are willing....

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Who did the carrying?

How can both Nebuchadnezzar and the Lord Almighty carry the people off into exile? ...

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Back to Reality

Communities frequently have to rise to challenges. They rebuild. They restructure. They forgive. And these challenges leave a mark on the community … in some cases a scar, in others a callous, and in still others a pearl....

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In the Presence of Salvation

Something had changed in Zacchaeus....

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