Welcome to Chatham Church. Connecting with a new church community is a bit like embarking on a new adventure.  Rest assured that as you explore you will encounter a community that is all about connecting people to God and to each other.  In trying anything for the first time, you may have questions. So read on for more information.  We hope to see you soon. 

When are the services?

Chatham Church usually has four services in two locations on Sunday mornings, each featuring live teaching, musical worship, and Chatham Kids ministry:

  • 9:15am and 10:45am in Pittsboro at our Chatham Mills Ministry Space
  • 9:15am and 10:45am in North Chatham at Woods Charter School
  • We recommend that you arrive approximately 10 minutes before the service so you won't feel rushed -- and so you'll have time to enjoy cookies and coffee in the Gathering Place. 

Where does the church meet on Sunday?

As of March 5th, 2017 we meet in two locations on Sunday mornings: in Pittsboro and in North Chatham. Both campuses have live teaching and worship.

Our Pittsboro campus meets at our Chatham Mills Ministry Space just north of the circle in Pittsboro. In addition to hosting our Ministry Space, the historic Chatham Mills complex hosts Chatham Marketplace (the local co-op grocery), Town of Pittsboro offices, Pittsboro Bicycles, Chatham Transit, the Joy of Movement and several other businesses.

Click here for directions to our Chatham Mills Ministry Space.

Our North Chatham campus meets at Woods Charter School on the southern edge of Briar Chapel. For almost 20 years Woods Charter School has promoted a relationship-based philosophy of education and has created a safe and friendly learning community. The school is also well-equipped to handle our children's ministries in secure areas that provide perfect settings for kids to learn about life with God.

Click here for directions to Woods Charter School.


Here is a sermon from our current sermon series:


What can I expect on my first visit?

As our guest, you can expect to meet warm and welcoming people who are excited that you have come. As you enter the school, stop by the Welcome Table and our greeters will be available to answer any questions and help you find your way. If you have children, you can be confident that they are safe and secure with our volunteers. During the service, you can expect to participate in authentic worship and be challenged through relevant teaching. If this feels new to you, just relax and join in as you feel comfortable.

How should I dress?

We're more concerned with seeing you experience real life change than we are with how you dress. So, you can wear just about anything and fit right in. You will find people dressed in jeans, shorts, slacks and everything in between.

Where do I take my children?

Our desire is to serve you and your children in our children's ministry. Stop by the Chatham Kids Kiosks. Our team will be able to check your child in and help you find your way. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We'd love to help you! 

Where can I get more information?

If you have any questions before or after the service, please visit our information kiosks in the main foyer or just take a moment to introduce yourself to one of our pastors after the service at the Connection Center.

We hope that you will be our guest this Sunday!