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It's how we do life together.

Why Small Groups?

At Chatham Church, we want everyone to be connected in God-honoring relationships where they are continually growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that the very best environment for that to happen is in a small group.

Small groups have always been an essential part of Chatham Community Church and they’ve only become more important since COVID started. These groups of around 6-16 people meet mostly online, though some meet outdoors in safe ways. Together, they encourage each other, pray, study the Bible, serve, and have fun.

In a world that constantly pushes us to become independent and isolated individuals, we want to fight those tendencies by pulling people together into true community. Jesus led his small group of disciples on a faith journey that changed the world through their missional living. We want to do the same.

Small Group Stories

Connecting with God:


Connecting with Each Other:

Want To Try A Small Group?


Small Group Directory

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(including meeting times, maps, contact information for leaders, and sign-up options)

Feel free to contact the leader directly or just click on a group to join. Every small group either offers childcare on-site or can help you pay for childcare at your home.