Young Life is a non-denominational ministry to adolescents in Pittsboro, primarily focused on Northwood High School and Seaforth High School.

They want to help kids take the first step of a lifelong journey; the choices they make today, based upon God's love for them, will have an impact on future decisions — careers chosen, marriages formed and families raised — all ripples from the time when a Young Life leader took time to reach out and enter their world.

Young Life in our area is currently led by a committee of adults and a team of UNC students.

Young Life hosts a Club Meeting every Monday night at 7:30pm during the school year at the Ruritan club in Bynum, next to the Bynum bridge.

Nick and Amanda Tracy also host a Bible study for high schoolers in their home in Briar Chapel at 7:30pm on Thursdays. Email for more information.


Prayer requests:

  • Pray for the college students who lead Club on Monday nights, that they would grow and stay focused in their spiritual lives.
  • Prayer for committee members of parents, pastors, and concerned adults.
  • Pray for the relationship between churches / youth groups and Young Life, that they would work as a team and not be threatened by each other.
  • Pray for the conferences and camps that help connect students to Christ.

For more information about Young Life, click here: Young Life.