J&S serve in a security sensitive area of East Asia in the area of theological development.

Christianity in East Asia has experienced one of the most explosive growths in the history of the church since the book of Acts. As these churches multiply, they have a vision to send missionaries out to the unreached peoples of the world. There is a good chance that in the next 10 years, these churches could send out more missionaries than America!

While this is exciting, the rapid multiplication of churches has led to a gap in training new pastors and Gospel ministers to fulfill their callings. Many of these Christian leaders are vastly under-resourced to pastor their flocks. As more pastors and Gospel ministers receive theological education and pastoral training, these churches will have a more stable platform from which they can send out to the nations.

J&S work to provide East Asian church leaders with opportunities to receive theological education and pastoral training through training pastors and Gospel ministers, pastoring their families, and partnering with developing local seminaries to help grow capacity to provide theological education from within East Asia.

Our dream is to see East Asian pastors receive education and training in their language by East Asian instructors who understand their ministry context, so that these churches gain the stability necessary to send out missionaries to the nations.