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Archives for December 2016

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Seeking God's Kingdom

What would happen if we all committed to seek God’s kingdom first in 2017?...

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Your Resolutions and God's Kingdom

Every resolution you make in this new year can contain a kingdom component if you are willing to seek it out. Losing weight, reading more, decluttering, taking a vacation, calling your kids … each and every one of these can be used by our heavenly Father to advance his kingdom in our lives and in this world....

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Kickstart change

This time of year many of us will ponder making resolutions to live life differently in 2017. The changes that take place in our lives might have a tremendous impact on our relationships and our participation in God’s kingdom. ...

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Reflecting on 2016

Mary’s practice of treasuring what has happened and pondering them in her heart is a practice that can serve us well in our own lives....

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Boxing Day Rest

Rest. Rest. The weary world rejoices. ...

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Reaching out at Christmas

Who can you surprise with a Christmas invitation this year?...

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Christmas across divides

Our differences don’t go away; they just cease to keep us apart....

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Even for the religious

Wouldn’t it be great if all of us had our eyes fixed on Jesus and our hearts filled with joy? ...

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Christmas on the margins

It doesn’t take much to see that the problems of little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world...

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Christmas is for everyone

Because Christmas is for everyone, Christmas is for you and for everyone you love....

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Christmas tension

Going home for the holidays can be difficult....

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God can join your story

There’s no story that God cannot join....

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Caesar vs. Jesus

Don’t go to Jesus expecting to find a king like Caesar Augustus. He has his own personality, his own priorities, and his own values. The kingdom in which Jesus rules and reigns differs tremendously from the empire of the Caesars....

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God and good outcomes

God is not thrown by the twists and turns life throws us. He can leverage and redeem them. He can see to it that good comes about despite them. And this can help us trust him....

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Unintended consequences

The ripple effect of one small decision can be felt throughout a community or throughout a lifetime....

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The Lord will fulfill his promises

Blessed are you if you believe the Lord will fulfill his promises to you....

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Given spectacular work

Time and time again the Lord has empowered both women and men to speak up in the power of the Spirit and testify about Jesus. And he empowers us today....

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Your faith-giving story

Have you ever considered this possibility: God’s faithfulness to you may be used to bolster someone else’s faith?...

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The choice to give credit

Crediting the Lord is a choice that we make. And it’s a choice worth making. ...

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Disappointment with God

One of the Christmas surprises we have to reckon with this season is the surprise of disappointment. We have such high hopes for God’s work and intervention. But they won’t always be fulfilled....

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Mary's Song

When Joseph found out about the pregnancy, he went and took a nap. When Mary found out, she went to visit a friend and sang a song....

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A simple, mechanical question

God connected with history in a new way in Jesus. He connects with us in a new way through Jesus today....

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