Announcements for the week of

May 24


19 Hours of Prayer for COVID-19 and Life After

Throughout history, when people have prayed together, God has responded and done mighty things. As our nation and the world starts to emerge from the crisis of COVID-19, the aftermath could be brutal for economies, jobs, livelihoods, families, friends, and more for a long, long time. So on Saturday, May 30th, we’re going to have a 19-hour prayer Zoom call for COVID-19. And we’re inviting everyone in the church to pray for 19 minutes! 

You can do one of two things: you can either join the Zoom call for 20 minutes of prayer and there will be a host every hour who will welcome you and will have prompts and offer some structure and suggestions for some different ways to pray. Or you can sign up for a time slot and do a Prayer Walk instead--walking and praying for your neighborhood or walking downtown Pittsboro praying for local businesses and government. 

We’re encouraging families or small groups or just friends to sign-up together, to pray together on the Zoom call or to meet-up and prayer walk together (with appropriate social distancing!). Meanwhile we as a church community will  pray from 5 a.m. to midnight, 19 hours straight of passing the baton one to another to cover our community and our state and nation in prayer.

Sign-up here:


Great News about our Building 

Many folks have been asking about what’s happening with the building project in light of the Coronavirus. The good news is that  while the Coronavirus has affected our timeline it has not stopped what God’s up to! The short version is this: the project is going forward, we’re hoping to start some site work at some point in mid to late June. We’re grateful to everyone who is praying and who is giving financially to help make this possible. There’s a full video update from Alex here:


New Budget for 2020-2021 Fiscal Year Available

CCC’s fiscal year comes to a close at the end of June and our new budget for July 1, 2020-June 30 2021 is now available on our website here:  We will vote on the budget on Sunday, June 28th. Obviously there are a number of variables and uncertainties as we move ahead into the new fiscal year. We’ve budgeted very conservatively and we’ll be watching giving and spending closely over the next few months. If we need to make any adjustments, we will revise the budget and bring it back to the church for a new vote. Any questions? Contact our Treasurer, Linda Sands:

Supporting our First Responders and Essential Personnel

Over the past seven weeks we’ve invited our church community to rally behind our front-line workers and y’all have responded with boxes upon boxes of break-room supplies

This week, we’re wrapping up this initiative and simply wanted to say thank you for your incredible generosity! It’s been a joy to deliver box upon box of supplies to encourage and support workers in hospitals and nursing homes and police stations. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for getting behind this initiative.  

Details about the snacks that we gave out and who they went to can be viewed by going to

As our community moves from the initial crisis of COVID to the economic fall-out of the crisis, our commitment to engaging our world for good has not lessened at all.  We’re in the process of evaluating where we might invest our church’s resources in our local community to do the most good.  More on that in the weeks to come, but in the meantime, join us for the 19 Hours of Prayer for COVID-19 and Life After. 

CCC’s Plan for Re-Gathering

With the governor stepping into Phase 1 of his plan, good questions abound about our church’s plan for re-gathering. An email went out over the Connect Devotional with a more thorough overview, so if you’re not getting that and would like to please let us know and see that for more details.

But one key point is that even if the governor unlocks a gate we might not walk through it. We’ve got to make sure we can staff it with volunteers and we don’t want anyone to feel pressure to come to a gathering if they’re uncomfortable. 

Our rough-sketch of a plan is this:

  • When the governor moves to gatherings of 50 or less we’ll move the service time to 10 a.m. and encourage small groups to meet and watch together if they’re comfortable--could even meet with a second small group and do a little Sunday morning small group mixer. And at that point small groups would also be encouraged to consider meeting in person if they’re comfortable--you could do some in-person and some on Zoom.
  • When we get to group sizes of no more than 100, we will definitely by then be back to livestreaming the service and we are planning on opening the services up to a limited number of people who want to come and be a part of it live.

    We’ll have RSVP’s so we can track and contact people if anyone gets sick or exposed.

    We’ll set out chairs in clusters with spacing in between so a family might all sit together or even a couple of families in the same small group might sit together with spacing in between.

    Some of how many people we can allow to attend will depend on whether Woods Charter lets us in their building which they’ve indicated they might be willing to do.
  • We know that some people will prefer to stay home even after all limits on gatherings are removed, so our plan is to live stream for at least one full year to serve our whole church community. 

 Those some key points from the email that went out yesterday, again if you’re not getting the Connect Devotional, let us know ( and we’ll add you to the list and we can forward you what went out yesterday so you can see in greater detail.

Engaging Our World For Good During COVID

 These next few weeks could be very dark for our community. That’s when Jesus followers are called to shine brightest.  At CCC, we’ve been committed to engaging our world for good from the beginning and that’s not going to stop now. We need you now more than ever to find your place to serve as we love our neighbors together. 

We’ve broken up our efforts at serving into categories: community emotional and spiritual support, and partnering with food supporters in our community.

Emotional and Spiritual Support

    • Many parents are overwhelmed right now. Our own Traci Paxson is a professional speech-language pathologist who specializes in working with kids and is a fantastic parenting coach.  Last week Traci hosted an hour-long webinar full of wisdom and creativity to meet the challenges of parenting 24/7 during COVID-19. If you missed it, a recording of it is available at
    • We’ve contacted Chatham Council on Aging to see how we might support the most vulnerable in our community in a safe and responsible way: phone call check-ins, emails, etc. More information as to how you might “adopt a senior” in our community rolling out soon. 
    • Our Grief Share (Trish Hillabush:  and Divorce Care (Pam Malek:  ministries are on stand-by to start new sessions as needed. If you or someone you know loses someone they love or gets separated or divorced, contact the appropriate leader. 
    • Since we’re the only church in Chatham County with live streaming capabilities, we’ve contacted the local funeral homes, hospice, and senior care facilities to let them know that we’re willing to host funerals and memorial services at our Chatham Mills facility and live stream them to family. If you or someone you know might need this service, contact Michelle Stith:


 Food Support Partnerships

    • The CORA Food Bank has been inundated with people in need of food. They can shop at specialized food bank warehouses and get much more for their money than anyone else, so we encourage you to donate financially to them directly. You can get a recent update and how to give by going to their website here:

    • We’re working with several other churches to partner with Breakaway Cafe in providing meals for particular people groups in our local community who might be in particular need. For example, Breakaway is preparing meals for clients of Penny Lane farm who are adults with mental health challenges. This enables us to both care for vulnerable populations as well as support a local small business. For more information on this initiative or if you have a particular group of people that you think could use this type of service, contact Joel Eisner:

Engaging Our World for Good During and After COVID

The needs around us will continue long after the Coronavirus has passed us by. To respond more quickly, Chatham Community Church is establishing our Disaster and Relief Response Team or "DARRT".   This team of individuals will respond to needs of both our congregation and needs in the larger community around us: light house repair for a widow, for example, or yard work for an older couple in the community after a hurricane. 

If you are interested and would like to be a part of this team, text the word  Enroll to 94090 .  When you receive a confirmation text, please respond with your first and last name, then you will be fully enrolled for notification of need. (Be aware of special compliance instructions:  Reply STOP to unsubscribe or HELP for help. Up to 4 messages per month, Msg&Data rates may apply.)

The Text Alert System for DARRT will be used to send out text notices when congregational and disaster needs arise. By enrolling in this network, you are not committed to serve in all events, but only those which you are able. Join us in building a team of people ready to bring relief when disaster or challenges hit! 


New Initiatives for a New Season

We’re launching a slate of new opportunities for connection and care in light of the Coronavirus restrictions:


  • Small Groups are always the heartbeat of our church, but now more than ever..and a good many of us just got much less busy!  Almost all of our small Groups are meeting via video now; if you’d like to join an online small group and stay connected, email Jaime at

  • Daily Mid-Day Weekday Prayer. We’re hosting a 15 minute, five-day-a-week 12:30 prayer conference call/video: or call in:   1-929-205-6099, 871281693#


  • Facebook Live: On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays look for Facebook live posts from Jaime or Alex on the Chatham Church Facebook page. We will be updating some initiatives in the church and share a brief encouraging word

  • Chatham Kids ( and Chatham Youth ( have rolled out new initiatives to care for kids and teens during “Camp Coronal.” If you need more information or haven’t heard the news, email the appropriate person for your child.

  • All of that AND MORE has been communicated over our social media pages on Facebook as well as through email blasts, if you need more information drop Alex an email:  


Don’t Miss A Stream! And Volunteers Needed 

We had a several great weeks of live streaming. Subscribe to the Chatham Church channel by going here: or go to our website, and click on the live stream link to join us!  In order to do this consistently over the next several weeks, we could use a couple of volunteers who would enjoy helping out on video.  Email Michelle:


Stay Up to Date on CCC and COVID-19 via Facebook and the Connect Devotional

To make sure you get the latest, be sure to check out our Facebook page or sign-up for the Connect Devotional by contacting Jessica Waldstein


Middle School Small Groups Tonight On Zoom

Youth Group continues to meet online on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday evenings, and middle school small groups will be meeting tonight at 5:30 and 7:00. For information on when and how the youth group is connecting during the quarantine, email Blake:

May Elder On-Call 

 If you have a crisis or emergency and need help from the church for any reason, each month we will have an "elder on call" who will be glad to assist you. The elder on call will be listed in the bulletin each week and on our church website. To find it on the web site go to the home page, look under "Ministries," and click on "Congregational Care." This month Jaime Castañer will be the elder on call. You can contact him via phone : (919) 629-9928 or email: