Announcements for the week of

August 2 

Praying Over Our Local Schools 

We believe that God has put our church here to bless our community--and as we get ready for a new school year, there is all kinds of craziness with COVID!

So we’re going to bless our local schools by hosting a very special, very brief time of prayer at each of the local schools where we have students.

We have 15 different Chatham county schools represented here at CCC, and we’re asking anyone and everyone who's willing to join us at one of those schools on Saturday, August 8th, at 9 a.m. to pray.

We’re asking folks to sign-up, so please click on the link below and sign-up for the school that you’re willing to cover.

Moms and dads, please bring your kids, we’d love to have them help us to pray for their schools--administration, teachers, students and their families, so many unique pressures this fall!

This will be an outdoor event, but there are some light COVID protocols that we’ll ask you to abide by, those are on the RSVP web site.

Please join us for a special morning of prayer Saturday, August 8th, onsite at your local school so that we might bless those schools in the midst of all the enormous challenges and stress that so many are facing. 

To RSPV click here.


Back to School Bash August 16th

Typically the Sunday before school is back in session we throw a big party at church! We do bounce-houses, gifts for the kids and for teachers and prayer. This year it’s obviously different, but we wanted to celebrate as best we can.

On Sunday afternoon, August 16th, the day before public schools back in session, we’re going to be hosting an outdoor, walk-through back to school bash. We’ll be outside at BOTH Chatham Mills AND Woods Charter with some tables and stations to celebrate and prepare for the school year together

One of those stations will be a DUNK TANK stop AND another station will be a stop at a Maple View ice cream truck at the end! It’ll start at 4:00 at both campuses, 

From 4:00-5:00 we’re inviting everyone who DOESN’T have kids to come and fill out a card that speaks blessing to the kids and families--scripture or a word of encouragement, we’ll even have an instant camera there to take a picture of you waving and smiling. And then you can hit the ice cream truck and enjoy some socially distanced time with others

From 5:00-6:00 we’re inviting families and kids and teens AND teachers to come and walk through our stations in family units. There will be a picture station, a prayer of blessing station where Jaime and I will be, a dunk tank, a station with some gifts that you get to take home. And, again, the big finish, free MapleView ice cream

So that’s Sunday, August 16th, at Chatham Mills and Woods Charter--come join us as we get ready for back to school!


Fall Kick-Off Series on August 16th: Let’s Rebuild

As we head into fall 2020, so much rebuilding ahead to be done for all of us--individually, in our families, in our larger community. Starting August 16th we’re going to kick-off a series of messages about the spiritual and communal practices of rebuilding

And we want to invite not only you to join us but to be praying about who you might send the link to, who you know who might need some help and encouragement to rebuild some portion of their lives. Be praying and open to who God might prompt you to invite to join us online for the kick-off of that series Sunday, August 16th.

Engaging Our World for Good During and After COVID

The needs around us will continue long after the Coronavirus has passed us by. To respond more quickly, Chatham Community Church is establishing our Disaster and Relief Response Team or "DARRT".   This team of individuals will respond to needs of both our congregation and needs in the larger community around us: light house repair for a widow, for example, or yard work for an older couple in the community after a hurricane. 

If you are interested and would like to be a part of this team, text the word  Enroll to 94090 .  When you receive a confirmation text, please respond with your first and last name, then you will be fully enrolled for notification of need. (Be aware of special compliance instructions:  Reply STOP to unsubscribe or HELP for help. Up to 4 messages per month, Msg&Data rates may apply.)

The Text Alert System for DARRT will be used to send out text notices when congregational and disaster needs arise. By enrolling in this network, you are not committed to serve in all events, but only those which you are able. Join us in building a team of people ready to bring relief when disaster or challenges hit! 

 Don’t Miss A Stream! And Volunteers Needed 

We had a several great weeks of live streaming. Subscribe to the Chatham Church channel by going here: or go to our website, and click on the live stream link to join us!  In order to do this consistently over the next several weeks, we could use a couple of volunteers who would enjoy helping out on video.  Email Michelle:


Stay Up to Date on CCC and COVID-19 via Facebook and the Connect Devotional

To make sure you get the latest, be sure to check out our Facebook page or sign-up for the Connect Devotional by contacting Jessica Waldstein


Relevant This Tuesday

Our Tuesday night gathering for High School students, Relevant, has resumed meeting in-person and will do so again this Tuesday from 7:00-8:30 pm at the Pittsboro Campus. We are utilizing a number of safety protocols including meeting outdoors when possible, assigned seats for each student and leader, and extra precautions with handling food. That said, if you have any questions about the precautions we’re taking, please don't hesitate to reach out to Blake:


In-Person and Virtual Youth Group Tonight

We are thrilled to be hosting an In-Person Youth Group gathering tonight at Chatham Mills in the outdoor tent area from 6:00-8:00 pm. If you RSVP’d for this event, we can’t wait to see you later on this evening! If you did not RSVP for this event, don’t worry, we are still hosting Virtual Youth Group tonight at the usual time, 6:00 pm, on Zoom. Blake will be sending out another link tomorrow to RSVP for next Sunday’s In-Person Youth Group event. For more information on when and how the youth group is gathering during this unprecedented time, on the precautions being taken by Student Ministries to ensure student safety, or anything student related, please contact  Blake:

August Elder On-Call 

 If you have a crisis or emergency and need help from the church for any reason, each month we will have an "elder on call" who will be glad to assist you. The elder on call will be listed in the bulletin each week and on our church website. To find it on the web site go to the home page, look under "Ministries," and click on "Congregational Care." This month James Allen will be the elder on call. You can contact him via phone : (919) 629-9928 or email: