The Congregational Care Ministry is available to minister to the people in our church community who are in facing various challenges or hardships. This ministry facilitates Jesus call for us to love and serve one another by facilitating both the giving and receiving of care in times of need.

Types Of Care

  • Prayer
  • Meals
  • Visiting
  • Specialized Services
  • Budget Counseling


  • Pregnancy Support Services
  • Divorce Care
  • Al-Anon (addiction)
  • Center For Psychological & Family Services

Elder on Call

If you have a crisis or emergency and need help from the church for any reason, each month we will have an "elder on call" who will be glad to assist you. The elder on call will be listed in the bulletin each week.

You can contact the elder on call at this email address, or by calling (919) 629-9928.


Ways You Can Serve

The heart of this ministry is to care for the personal needs of individuals in our church family. We serve in a variety of ways including, but not limited to:

  • Prepare a casserole for the freezer
  • Make and/or deliver a meal
  • Run an errand or take someone shopping
  • Visit someone in the hospital or recovering at home
  • Provide transportation to an appointment or to church
  • Provide 30 minutes of light housework
  • Perform minor home repairs
  • Commit to regular prayer for a specific person in need
  • Come alongside a member with long term care needs
  • Send notes of encouragement
  • Help to coordinate short term or long term needs
  • Be a contact for a person who needs short term or long term assistance

We seek to consider all aspects of what a person may be going through, and it is our prayer and hope that service provides an open door to help meet deeper needs that may exist - spiritual and material needs. If you have a heart for hospitality or service, please consider this opportunity.

Need more info? Contact our Congregational Care Coordinator at