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Archives for October 2017

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Centering our hope on Jesus

Centering our hope on Jesus and holding firmly to our faith allows us to reject the unhealthy options that present themselves to us in our times of crisis....

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What about the bad stuff?

When bad things happen, we can find our faith shaken. We trust the Lord, but that trust gets tested. And that’s okay....

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Scripture-induced heartburn

Even the most rational and intellectual among us sway under the weight of our hearts....

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Reflected glory

The Bible’s glory is a reflected glory: the beauty of the moon, not the beauty of the sun. But in these dark days, we can feel grateful for a full moon shining brightly and guiding our footsteps....

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What would it take?

On Easter Sunday, Jesus had been raised from the dead, but his followers and friends were still deciding if they were going to believe the news. How would you help these folks believe that Jesus was alive?...

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History told honestly

Throughout the Bible we see the story of God and his people told honestly, warts and all....

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What about the Bible?

As followers of Jesus, we trust the Bible and allow it to guide both our lives and our community because we believe that the Bible speaks faithfully about Jesus....

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The Neighbor of Mercy

Anyone can be your neighbor....

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Like a good neighbor

The good news in Jesus Christ is that God’s acceptance of us doesn’t depend on our performance for him....

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The Good Samaritan

Stories like these have the ability slip past our defenses. They challenge us without being obnoxious. They give us space to consider a different point of view....

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From Obligation to Opportunity

We’re at our worst when we put our church or our family or our politics above our connection with Jesus. ...

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More than answers

Jesus desires to offer relationship and not just answers. ...

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Questions coming back

When we come to Jesus with our questions, we shouldn’t be surprised when he challenges us in return....

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Questions and Expectations

If Jesus answered the question but not the expectations underlying it, John’s emotional turmoil might continue....

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Lean into the Relationship

Don't keep your questions to yourself, allowing it to smolder and burn up your insides. ...

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Consider the Context

Take some time today to listen to the questions people ask about God, faith, religion, and spirituality...

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Questioning God

The God we see revealed in Jesus is a God who can handle our questions, a God who loves being asked questions....

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Meant for Good

Throughout your life you will encounter people who in moments of foolishness mean to do you harm. Don’t wrap your life around them....

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Playing God

We all have times in our lives when we slip through the garden and grab for forbidden fruit and play God. ...

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Manipulated Forgiveness

Many of us couldn’t forgive others from our hearts except that God is at work in and around us....

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Receiving Mercy

In our relationships with God we’re the recipients of his radical and surprising mercy. ...

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Words of Blessing

When in your life have you been the recipient of words of blessing, of someone with authority in your life commenting on your past, your character, or your potential?...

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