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Good People of Chatham Community Church,

These next few weeks could be very dark for our county and surrounding areas. That’s when Jesus followers are called to shine brightest. 
At CCC, we’ve been committed to engaging our world for good from the beginning and that’s not going to stop now. We need you now more than ever to find your place to serve as we love our neighbors together. 
So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, push pause on that 60-hour documentary you're watching, and let's talk about how we might do this together. 

We’ve broken up our efforts at serving into three categories: supporting first responders and medical personnel, community emotional and spiritual support, and partnering to meet food needs in our community.


  • Supporting First Responders and Medical Personnel

    • We’ve got over a dozen folks who are serving on the front lines of this crisis and as a church we’re excited to get behind them to provide “break room” type food and drinks to keep them and their co-workers going on long shifts. This was inspired by something that happened in our live chat last Sunday between two families that had never met! 
      Details will be rolling out next week. If you’re a first responder or medical personnel, we’d love to add you to our list!  Email Karen Foust:

  • Emotional and Spiritual Support

    • Many parents are overwhelmed right now. Our own Traci Paxson is a professional speech-language pathologist who specializes in working with kids and is a fantastic parenting coach.  On Sunday, April 12th at 8:00 p.m.Traci will host an hour-long webinar full of wisdom and creativity to meet the challenges of parenting 24/7 during COVID-19: This is a great resource to invite your neighbors and friends (local and long-distance!) who feel like they’re struggling to manage the pressures of kids home all the time, often while juggling their own full-time job(s).

    • We’ve contacted Chatham Council on Aging to see how we might support the most vulnerable in our community in a safe and responsible way: phone call check-ins, emails, etc. More information as to how you might “adopt a senior” in our community rolling out soon.

    • Our Grief Share (Trish  and Divorce Care (Pam Malek:  ministries are on stand-by to start new sessions as needed. If you or someone you know loses someone they love or gets separated or divorced, contact the appropriate leader.

    • Since there are not many churches in Chatham County with live streaming capabilities in their worship space, we’ve contacted the local funeral homes, hospice, and senior care facilities to let them know that we’re willing to host funerals and memorial services at our Chatham Mills facility and live stream them to family. If you or someone you know might need this service, contact Michelle Stith:

  • Food Support Partnerships

    • The CORA Food Bank has been inundated with people in need of food. They can shop at specialized food bank warehouses and get much more for their money than anyone else, so we encourage you to donate financially to them directly. You can get a recent update and how to give by going to their website here:

    • We’re working with several other churches to partner with Breakaway Cafe in providing meals for particular people groups in our local community who might be in particular need. For example, Breakaway is preparing meals for clients of Penny Lane farm who are adults with mental health challenges. This enables us to both care for vulnerable populations as well as support a local small business.
      For more information on this initiative or if you have a particular group of people that you think could use this type of service, contact Joel Eisner:                                                     

  • Engaging Our World for Good During and After COVID

    The needs around us will continue long after the Coronavirus has passed us by. To respond more quickly, Chatham Community Church is establishing our Disaster and Relief Response Team or "DARRT".  This team of individuals will respond to needs of both our congregation and needs in the larger community around us: simple house repair for a widow, for example, or yard work for an older couple in the community after a hurricane. If you are interested and would like to be a part of this team, text the word Enroll to 94090.  When you receive a confirmation text, please respond with your first and last name, then you will be fully enrolled for notification of need. (Be aware of special compliance instructions:  Reply STOP to unsubscribe or HELP for help. Up to 4 messages per month, Msg&Data rates may apply.) The Text Alert System for DARRT will be used to send out text notices when congregational and disaster needs arise. By enrolling in this network, you are not committed to serve, just as you are able. Join us in building a team of people ready to bring relief when disaster or challenges hit!  

Alex Kirk
Lead Pastor, Chatham Community Church