Positioned Perfectly


I was cupbearer to the king.
- Nehemiah 1:11

The king trusted Nehemiah with his life. The king’s cupbearer tasted the king’s food and was the last line of defense against poisoning, a common form of political assassination in the ancient world. The cupbearer would often become a king’s right hand man, a trusted confidant and respected advisor.

The Lord had positioned Nehemiah perfectly to pursue his destiny. Though he and his people had been swept into exile, Nehemiah still experienced the Lord’s blessing. As Joseph and Esther had before him, Nehemiah found himself in the exact right social-political-physical place to do exactly what the Lord needed done. There was, perhaps, no one better positioned to get the king’s permission and help to rebuild Jerusalem.

We believe that the Lord still does this: he positions people perfectly to pursue their destiny. In times of confusion, pain or need, the Lord has positioned people with the wisdom and resources to help us. We’ve seen the Lord position people perfectly to launch non-profits, to start businesses, to make strategic financial investments, to help neighbors.

It is harder at times to see how the Lord has done this in our own lives, how he has positioned us perfectly. The places we find ourselves don’t always feel perfect. We have days, weeks, years when we don’t have clarity about God’s destiny for us or how we can contribute to his work in the world. We have moments when we feel lost or misplaced.

The Lord has placed before you today – before each and every one of us – an opportunity to live for him in such a way that someone, somewhere will say “Thank God he’s placed you where he’s placed you today!” We may not have reached the destination, but we are on the path. And the place God has you on your journey with him is the exact place where God can include you in his great, good work.

Take stock today. Where has the Lord placed you: relationally, vocationally, physically? How can the Lord use your particular positioning to be a blessing to others in his name?

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