Honor People Like Him

"So then, welcome [Epaphroditus] in the Lord with great joy, and honor people like him ..."

- Philippians 2:29

Epaphroditus almost lost his life on his journey to bring a gift from the Philippians to Paul. But now he's going home. And Paul wants his friends to celebrate his homecoming.

Earlier this week, we looked at how partnership in the gospel story creates deep relationship. In our passage today, we see that it creates great joy. There is a joy that is available in us when we see God's mission advancing in the world through the faithfulness of our friends.

We receive great joy when we celebrate God's mission going forward and when we honor our friends who take risks and serve faithfully.

Chatham Church is full of men and women who serve week in and week out, at times at great personal cost. As we read about Epaphroditus and ask "Do we know people like him?" our answer is a resounding "Yes!"

Would you take a few minutes today to send a note of "Thanks" to one of these phenomenal ministry team leaders who have given you great joy and deserve to be honored in the Lord?  Feel free to email someone not listed here who has served and been an encouragement to you or your family!

Mark Stith - Worship Leader

Michelle Stith - Worship Leader

Mark Matthews - Sunday Crew Director

Cynthia Dekaney - Chatham Kids Director

Susan Fairbrother - Hospitality (food and drinks on Sunday morning!)

Pat Rowe - Greeting Team Leader

Holly Anderson - Welcome Team Leader

Linda Rowe - Booktable

Susan Henson - Divorce Care

Pam Malek - Divorce Care

Dave Cunningham - Financial Peace University

Kelly Kirk - Chatham Serves

Rachel Matthews - Deacon of Operations, Leadership Team

Jamey Terrell - Treasurer

Lana Liu - Women's Ministry Leader

Linda Sands - Chatham Kids Choir, Deacon, Leadership Team

Steve Sands - Benevolence, Deacon, Leadership Team

Tim Hayes - Elder, Leadership Team

John Billington - Elder, Leadership Team

Joel Eisner - Elder, Leadership Team

Chris Dekaney - Youth Group, Elder, Leadership Team

Your small group leader

Your child's Chatham Kid's Sunday School teacher

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