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A Hard Master


“Master,” he said, “I knew that you are a hard man... So I was afraid...”

- from Matthew 25:24-25

by Lana Liu

NEW AUTHOR: Lana Liu is fond of women's ministry at Chatham Church and is two-year-old Miriam's grandma living with grampa in Briar Chapel.

“Hard master.” Jesus used those words to turn my prayer life around. He knew that a falsehood had set itself up in my mind: God is a hard master. He knew this about me even though I didn't know it about myself.

Gradually, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes. I was afraid there was something that made me unworthy to hear Him. I was afraid there was something I had failed to do. I was afraid He just didn't want to speak to me. I wanted to hear His voice, so why didn't I? I was afraid He was a hard master.

The truth that set me free from this falsehood was that a good daddy doesn't talk to his children only when they have achieved some nebulous level of worthiness, or when they have followed some difficult-to-discover approach. He definitely doesn't use the silent treatment with them. God is the Ultimate Good Daddy and all He requires of me is to show up as His little child.

Could there be a falsehood about God lurking in your mind, something that sets itself up between you and God? Can you see how it could be impacting your prayer life?

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