Schedule your portrait for the photo directory


On April 30th we'll be taking pictures for a new church-wide directory. Sessions will be held at our Ministry Space at Chatham Mills. We'd love for you to be included.

Lifetouch will be reprinting the books at no cost to our church as soon as our update day is complete. Every family photographed will receive a complementary 8x10 portrait and a printed Community Connect book. You will also have the opportunity to purchase additional portraits at the time.

To schedule a time to get your portrait taken: go to If we have a phone number for you, you may be getting a reminder call in the next week or two.


Hi Mindy and Alan! I'm just now seeing these comments. I'll pass your note along to the folks coordinating the sign-ups. Brandy should be able to help us out. I'm sorry about the inconvenience!

Steve, we have been trying to sign up for a time to have photos made but each time we sign up for an available slot we are receiving a message saying slot not available. Is there another way to sign up to have pictures made?

I am having the same issue as Steve Wexler. I keep trying to pic a time slot and then it says it is taken. It then appears darkened as if already scheduled.

Hi Brenda, there will be a make up date in mid-November. If you can talk to Karen on Sunday, she can get you set up.

Great catch, Donna. It'll be at Chatham Mills. I'll add a note to the post above.

Sorry it hasn't been working, Steven. I can't detect a problem in the system (but that doesn't mean it's not there!). There could also be a setting on your computer that is blocking it. If it would be easier for you, Karen Foust will be available on Sunday morning to help people sign up after each service.

I have tried ten times to get a time for my picture to be taken, and each time the available spot has been filled. Each time I do this, I have to refill in all the information. Is the system having problems, and is there an easier way that I can save my information, so that I don't have to keep on entering it?

Where will the photos be taken? Did I miss the location? At Woods or Chatham Mills?

Hi Steve, I will be out of town over this weekend for a Mary Kay conference. Can John and I get pictures taken beforehand ? Or after?

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