It all started with a conversation. Darline Johns visited her son to have lunch one Friday at North Chatham Elementary. As she sat with her son and his friends discussing weekend plans, one friend said “I hate weekends”. When Darline asked why, she was told that there was often nothing to eat in that child’s home over the weekend. And from that chance conversation, God laid it on her heart to start a ministry.

She approached the school administration with the idea of sending back packs full of food home each weekend with those in need. School administrators shared what many already know. In Chatham County, 30% of the children live below the poverty level with nearly 50% receiving reduced or free lunches. This ministry has expanded and now serves hundreds of families. We are thankful for God’s provision for this ministry as well as Darline’s faithful leadership of it. Many kids in Chatham now have enough to eat as a result.

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