Hello Chatham Community Church Friends and Family!

After hibernating for the winter, we’re eager for spring and the re-launching of Sundays Together at a site near you STARTING March 21, 2021. If you’re new, these are gatherings of 6-20 people in backyards and driveways across our community

We're grateful for our site hosts across Chatham county who are helping to throw Sunday morning gathering parties! Scroll down to find a site that works for you.

Steps you can take to join in and stay safe:

  • Choose a SITE NEAR YOU (see list below)
  • RSVP (for numbers and contact tracing)
  • Bring a MASK (gotta have 'em)
  • Bring a CHAIR 
  • Go to your site and set up OUTSIDE on Sunday morning
  • Keep yourself (and your household) 6 FEET APART from other groups
  • KIDS under your supervision are welcome at all sites. Select sites will have childrens' programming as well (see list below).
  • We're poviding a GOODIE BAG! It'll have been packed several days in advance to make sure any possible germs are extremely dead and gone. 
  • Your site host will let you know if plans change due to inclement weather.

We really want to take advantage of the rare opportunity to connect in person! So the service will be shorter than usual and will end with discussion prompts that a site facilitator will help lead your site through. After discussion is done, there will be some time for prayer requests and praying for one another. You can even stay and talk one-on-one with the site facilitator to get prayer more privately if you need to.

Find a site near you in the list below. Click on the button to get more info and to rsvp.

 Sun Tog Chatham Mills Outside kids programming Spring 21 Sun Tog Briar Chapel Spring 21 Sun Tog Sands Spring 21 Sun Tog Ernie Sweet Pine Gang                

  Sun Tog Rosie's Spring 21