Wisdom seeking

Does not wisdom call out?
    Does not understanding raise her voice?

- Proverbs 8:1

There’s something to be said for seeking wisdom. But we aren’t the only active agents. Wisdom isn’t hiding. Wisdom isn’t waiting. Wisdom is reaching out to us.

God tilts the entire cosmos toward our enlightenment. He wants us to become wise. He sends opportunity after opportunity for us to grow in understanding and discernment and insight. Wisdom doesn’t just light a lamp in her tower for us to see from a distance. She climbs down from the tower – bringing her lamp – and comes looking for us.

When you’re lost you can draw comfort from this truth. You’re trying to navigate your way out of the maze and, at the same time, God has entered the labyrinth to find you. And wisdom will never lose her way.

God’s activity doesn’t mean that we must remain passive. In fact, just the opposite. God’s reaching out to us makes it possible for us to reach back out to him with hope and confidence. He isn’t dispassionately waiting to see what we’ll do. He’s exerting his influence in our hearts to make us wise.

Exercise opening your eyes today. Where can you see God at work bringing wisdom into your life? Who is he sending your way to nudge you toward wisdom? What lessons is he teaching you? What are you learning?

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