Will your work spoil or endure?


Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you.

- from John 6:27

Not all work is created equal.

Jesus knew this. He wanted his followers to navigate the world of work well.

We all face limitations on our time/energy/resources. We can’t engage every work opportunity that’s presented to us. So we have to be picky.

But this isn’t easy. We’re presented with a myriad of “work” options. Even those of us who are retired or are looking for work can find plenty to occupy our time. The weeks slip by so quickly and we don’t always make the best time-decisions.

In today’s passage, Jesus’ followers were fixated on food. “Give us bread,” they said. Bread for them meant survival, sustenance, security. They worked hard to put bread on the table, needed bread to live, and knew they could change the world if they could just find a steady bread source.

But bread spoils. And so do all of the things we typically look to for survival and sustenance and security.

Jesus can give you what you’re looking for--what you’d really work for if you only knew it was available and the difference it would make.

What we discover, as we work for food that does not spoil is that it comes to us as a gift, given by Jesus. Some of God’s best gifts are disproportionately given on the other side of our small, feeble, faithful works. Our best efforts put into this work that really matters create “food” that endures, that doesn’t spoil or fade.

We want to leave you today with a difficult reflection question, something to chew on and discuss: What distinguishes “food that endures” from “food that spoils”?


Crust or Trust. Eventually with mortal bread all I have left is a crust, if that. I am seeking the trust that sees God working on my behalf in all situations I must face. If I stay in a prayerful attitude with God I am likely doing His work, even if it causes detours in my daily activities to help someone else.

Good bread is expensive and hard to find. I love bread but. It is fattening. I know that it. Is better to hunger for the bread of Jesus and to seek Him before earthly food. I need to feed on the Word.

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