Wander not lost


My brothers and sisters, if one of you should wander from the truth and someone should bring that person back …
- James 5:19

As we continue to listen to James’ teaching on prayer, we want to pause for a moment to savor this good word: those who wander from the truth can be brought back.

When we wander from the truth, we can begin to wonder if return has been rendered impossible. Will we ever be trusted again? Will we ever be welcomed? Will we ever be loved? Our imaginations torture us as we imagine God and our brothers and sisters rejecting us. For fear of facing rejection, we stay away.

Good news! Those who wander can be brought back.

This good news for wanderers also rings as good news to those of us who have spent sleepless nights praying for loved ones who have wandered away from God’s truth. Our love and compassion have not been wasted. Our prayers were never hopeless.

The lost can be found. The trapped can be set free. The wanderers can be brought back.

Don’t give up praying that the wanderers would be brought back. Pray for them and reach out to them. Pray for them and speak loving truth to them. Pray for them and pray for them and pray for them.

And if you ever find yourself lost, wandered away from the light of truth, perhaps somewhere out there a brother or sister will be praying for you. What would change for you if you knew that someone was watching and waiting for you to return home.

How do you need to engage or re-engage in prayer for a wanderer today? Where do you need God’s help to get you back on track?


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It takes more wisdom and compassion than I have to turn a sinner from their ways. It is hard not to sound critical or judgmental when addressing their behavior or actions that contribute to the chaos around them. Usually I just back away and pray for that individual, but I wish I could be more effective in helping someone surrender to God and seek help.

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