When two full years had passed …
- from Genesis 41:1
Last week we looked at the story of Joseph’s time in prison: the Lord was with him, he ended up running the prison, he helped a fellow-prisoner, he asked for help getting out of prison, and he was forgotten. This week, we’re going to see Joseph catapulted to the role of Prime Minister of Egypt, fulfilling all his dreams.
But before we turn to the epic turn in the story, we want to pause and reflect on the two full years that Joseph spent in prison. That’s a huge gap in the story; blank space for us, but not for Joseph.
If Joseph had tried to climb a traditional political ladder, there’s no way he would have ended up running Egypt in two years. The path to power that the Lord laid out for him had unusual features that might make sense in retrospect, but could have been soul-numbingly exhausting day-by-day.
Don’t lose hope if you can’t chart a clear course from where you are today to where you hope to be. Don’t let the passing years convince you that God is absent. Don’t give up.
In the Joseph story, the man who speaks with Pharaoh has been radically transformed from the boy who bragged to his brothers. This transformation required time. And when the time was right, Joseph was ready.
How has God used seasons of waiting to ready you for big opportunities in your life? 


Two years! Such a long time! to spend in prison
Two years! Such a short time! to rise to Prime Minister
Isn't it fascinating how God uses such clever methods and unusual circumstances to develop us and prepare us for things 'far beyond what we could ever ask or think'.

I don't like waiting. I don't like taking a long time to make a decision. I don't like "slow" times in life. I am in a slow time because of weekly chemo. I can no longer say, "I will do this and this today." Instead, I have to listen to my body and have days of "not doing much." For some people, that would be glorious. For me, it is torture! But I cannot let the forced down time bring my spirits down. I know for me, spending more time in God's word and prayer are the best remedies for renewing my spirit in the "waiting and slow times."

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