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Together - Philippians 1:1


“Paul and Timothy, servants of Christ Jesus, to all God's holy people in Christ Jesus at Philippi, together with the overseers and deacons ...”

— Philippians 1:1

Over and over again in our passage from this week, Paul gives a nod to his community: "Paul and Timothy," "all God's holy people," "together with the overseers and deacons."

The whole Letter to the Philippians happens in community. The Letter is written in community and received in community. And as we'll see, life without community deprives us of joy.

Who are you in community with?
How does your community shape you for good or for bad?

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We were just talking about the power of prayer in small group last night. God doesn't always answer prayers the way we think He should, or as quickly as we would like, but I know that God hears and answers our prayers. It's so wonderful to be able to look back on things I've prayed about, and to see His hand in bringing those prayers to fruition.... Prayer is powerful and God is so faithful to us!

Amen....talk to Papa....prayer works; He listens to His faithful children!

Amen....talk to Papa....prayer works; He listens to His faithful children!

I just want to say how much I am enjoying this series and the daily devotionals coming from it! It may just be me but this series seems so relevant for today. It sure is hitting home with me - on a number of things, both personal and corporate.

Great questions today..
"When you experience jealousy, ask yourself "What is the thing my jealousy is trying to convince me is the important thing?" and "What is the actual important thing that I'll miss if I get distracted by jealousy?"

Reminds me of Jesus' parable of building a house on rock, the solid foundation or sand. The sand in that analogy is "me". Digging out the sand to get to the solid rock is frustrating..every dig in sand? The stuff just keeps running back in to the hole.

Just watched your joy vs jealousy sermon and UGH, THANKS, I needed that! Now to make my lists....it's going to be a beautiful, joyful week!

Amen....It seems as though the world is coming apart at the seams. There appears to be no end to the bad news we hear today. The real church of Jesus Christ in particular is under attack, just as it was, and Paul was in his day....but he remained steadfast in his joy, and he encouraged others to do the same, even in the midst of a storm, by keeping all eyes on Jesus.

Let us today make our lives all about Him…. With ”A heart that is perfect toward Him”….enslaving ourselves and binding our hearts to Jesus, giving in not to ourselves and the ways of the world, but to Him, and only Him.

All praise and glory to the One who is, who was, and who always will be all we’ll ever need, in this life and in the eternal life hereafter….Amen.

Amen....just as jealousy and joy cannot coexist in the same heart at the same time, jealousy and selflessness cannot....let us today deny ourselves, as Jesus did, and commanded us to do, and the jealousy will disappear.

Glory to the Lamb of God!!

Amen....as Freedom Won visited with CCC yesterday it was easy to see, and feel, true community fellowship and work in action. Chatham County is blessed to have CCC.

Count it all joy....Glory to God!!

Thanks for checking in this morning, y'all! I'm grateful for the community and for how each of you contribute to making our church an encouraging and joyful place to be!

The support from God through my CCC family allows me to reach out and share the love of Jesus with others. Thank you!

Moving here from Ct where I lived my entire life had at the top of my list to find a church home. CCC is that, and my small group is my family here.

I am very grateful for my church community and my family. Both sources of much joy.

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