Time to wonder

They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. While they were wondering about this …
- from Luke 24:3-4

Do you ever take time to wonder?

When situations don’t match our expectations, we can quickly jump to a number of different responses. We can adapt our expectations to our new environment. We can attempt to realign our environment with our expectations. We can explode emotionally and try to trip people (see Allen, Grayson).

Taking time to wonder doesn’t come naturally to everyone. And it’s tough to do in our frenetic, fast-paced, get-things-done culture. But it has an impact.

The posture of pondering is a posture that we see over and over again in the Gospels. Women in the Gospel accounts seem particularly willing to take the time to think through the implications of the things they’re seeing and hearing.

When we take the time to mull over what’s happening in our lives and what God’s doing in our midst, we sometimes catch things we would have otherwise missed. We see with greater clarity. We discover connections; sometimes God is doing the same thing in multiple parts of our lives. Our faith grows and, along with it, our courage.

Take some time to ponder today. Use these questions to help:

  • Where is my life different from what I expected it to be?
  • What unmet expectations of God am I carrying in this season of life?
  • How are my expectations affecting walk with the Lord?
  • Where do I see God at work in and around my life?

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