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Tied to Christ: Philippians 2:1a


"Therefore if you have any encouragement from being united with Christ ... "

- Philippians 2:1a

Paul here directs our attention to a wild reality. The Philippian Christians (and all Christians everywhere) have been united with Christ. What does it mean to be united with Christ?

One image we've heard used is that we're tied to Christ, as if we're riding on his back and he's carrying us. We are close to him, with him, surrounded by him.

But for many of us, this is not our day-to-day experience. You don't feel tied to Christ. You feel tied to a grumpy co-worker or a sick child or talkative next door neighbor. But Christ feels distant.

Paul reminds his friends of their union with Christ because life makes us all forget. There is a deeper reality than we can see: me in Christ and Christ in me.

How would your day change today if you were tied to Christ?

To help you remember that you are tied to Christ, grab a rubber band or piece of string and tie it around your wrist. Look at it throughout today and tell yourself: "I am united with Christ."

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Love the creative applications. Thanks for sharing them.

I've found this idea of union with Christ coming up in my conversations today. It's a beautiful thing to be able to remind people about.

There is nothing on my wrist except a watch, but I will look at the palm of my hand throughout the day and think about the nail piercing the Hand of Jesus.

No rubber bands or string on my bus ride to work. Perfect stand in, wrist size key lanyard that I made after returning from Haiti mission trip. "Jezi" (Jesus is Haitian Creole) is beaded into it. Perfect to remind me where my center really is!

I wear a ring that reminds me I belong to Jesus. It also reminds me that I do not have to settle for anything less than God's will for me.

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