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The Space-Making Dance

After [Jesus] said this, he was taken up before their very eyes, and a cloud hid him from their sight.
- Acts 1:9

He ascended into heaven
- from The Apostles’ Creed

The ascension of Jesus Christ is one of the most overlooked aspects of his story. It can feel like an afterthought, a transition between his resurrection and his return. But if we treat it as an afterthought, we’ll miss something very important about God’s character.

In our Systematic Theology class over the last several weeks, we’ve been talking about what my theology professor, Gary Deddo, called “the most important theological question” --- “Who is God?” The ascension of Jesus helps us answer the “Who is God?” question.

At one point in John’s Gospel, Jesus told his disciples that he would be going away, but that it would be okay because he would send the Holy Spirit to bring comfort, help, conviction and guidance (more on that next week). In this conversation, Jesus links his going away with the Spirit’s coming, as if Jesus is stepping off of the stage to make space for the Holy Spirit to engage in his work.

There is something particularly beautiful about the Trinitarian dance that shows up again and again throughout Scripture. The Father makes space for the Son. The Son makes space for the Spirit. The Spirit shows us who Jesus is. They point to and honor each other. They encourage each other to step into the spotlight. They delight in each other and invite us to share in their delight.

In light of the holy humility we see in the Father, the Son and the Spirit, how can you go out of your way to “make space” for someone in your family, workplace or home this week?

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