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The Lord is my Shepherd


The Lord is my shepherd …
- from Psalm 23:1

David was a shepherd long before he was a king. As the runt of his family, he got the dirty job of taking care of the sheep. No one wanted to be a shepherd.

Picture this: there’s the adults’ table, the kids’ table and then the table out with the sheep. When a celebrity guest came over to David’s house, his family forgot he even existed, leaving him out in the fields while the rest of the kids gathered to meet the cool celebrity.

David knew that a shepherd’s work wasn’t glamorous. But he also knew that the work shepherds do meant a lot to someone … the sheep!

A shepherd’s job involved leading the sheep to good food, keeping them safe from predators/enemies and protecting them from their own stupidity.

Chances are, if you’ve been following Jesus for some time, you’ve seen him do some of this shepherding work for you. Maybe he’s provided you with food and shelter. Maybe he’s kept you safe in tough or scary situations. Maybe he’s protected you from the full consequences of your stupidity.

Name and celebrate where the Lord has been your Shepherd as we start looking at this great psalm this week.

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Baaaaaah. This is one sheep who is grateful I have the Good Shepherd!

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