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The Good Shepherd Guides

He guides me along the right paths
for his name’s sake.
- from Psalm 23:3

Three things jump out to us from today’s passage.

First, the Lord guides. He doesn’t tell. He doesn’t give directions. He doesn’t send us out with a map and a cell phone. He goes with us. The presence of the Good Shepherd starts in verse 1 of Psalm 23 and runs throughout the entire psalm. None of this makes sense or remains beautiful if the Lord doesn’t remain with us.

Secondly, the Lord guides along right paths. There are right and wrong paths! Not all paths are created equal. The right paths may be rocky and may not be easy, but that’s doesn’t make them the wrong paths. The right paths are the paths that get us to where we want to go (or better yet, to where the Good Shepherd knows we need to go).

Lastly, all this is being done “for his name’s sake.” What’s best for us is also good for him. His glory and our good are not mutually exclusive. In fact, eventually, they’re one and the same.

Your Good Shepherd is guiding you along right paths for his name’s sake. Don’t be afraid.

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