The Creation of Wisdom


“The Lord brought me forth as the first of his works,
    before his deeds of old;
I was formed long ages ago,

    at the very beginning, when the world came to be.
- Proverbs 8:22-23
Today we’re going to look at Wisdom’s relationship with the Lord through the lens of creation. Our passage for today tells us three things about this relationship.
First, Wisdom doesn’t exist independently of or apart from the Lord. The Lord brought Wisdom forth. The orderly nature of the cosmos, its intelligibility, and the way it resonates with our reason all occur by design.
The great lie from the dawn of time is that wisdom – the knowledge of good and evil – can be obtained apart from God. The truth is that the Lord is the source of all wisdom. Trace all wisdom, wherever you find it, back from proposition to proposition all the way up the chain and you’ll land in the Lord’s lap. Seek Wisdom and you’ll eventually find God.
Secondly, Wisdom isn’t just created by the Lord, but created as the first of his works and before he did anything else. All of God’s creative activity in the cosmos has been with wisdom. His formation of humanity, his choosing of Abram, his life with is people in the wilderness and kingdom and exile, his hard-won rescue of humanity via the cross and grave and resurrection, his continued activity through his flawed and broken and beautiful people down through history … all of it has been marked by a distinct and powerful wisdom.
What this means for us is that the Lord can be both known and trusted. He is not given to flights of foolishness. He won’t blockade our shores and prevent much-needed aid to arrive into our lives out of some misplaced pride or entrenched tradition. His Wisdom creates life, causes it to flourish, and blesses us.
Finally, Wisdom is ancient. Wisdom sang with God before the middle of the earth rang with “the music of the spheres.” The age of Wisdom challenges our notions that all progress is forward progress, that we’re better off today in every way than we were yesterday, that all things ancient need to be replaced with the latest fashions. CS Lewis joked about our “chronological snobbery” in Surprised by Joy. And, if we want to be open to Wisdom in our lives, we need to be open to old ideas, old books, and people who are no longer as young as they used to be. 
Here we have a foundation for science, theology, and history. Don’t turn your mind off when seeking the Lord. He’s the source of all the brilliance that dwells inside you.

How can you love the Lord with all your mind today?

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Today I started to read Proverbs 1 to 2 chapters a day in NASB, the Message and in French. Very helpful! Thank you for the series.

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