Talkin' 'bout a Resurrection

When they came back from the tomb, they told all these things to the Eleven and to all the others … But they did not believe the women, because their words seemed to them like nonsense.
- Luke 24:9 & 11

The Gospel writers understood that their claim that Jesus rose from the dead would sound strange to their readers. They knew this because the claim that Jesus was alive sounded like nonsense to them when they first heard it.

We shouldn’t be surprised when people don’t believe the news about the resurrection of Jesus. Most who don’t believe don’t do so belligerently. They’re just following the path laid out for them by their reason and their experience. The resurrection of Jesus – Easter – is truly extraordinary.

Surely the women would have realized how strange their story sounded. When the rest of the disciples heard the story and doubted, we have no record of the women being incensed or outraged. They didn’t protest when the other disciples insisted on going to see the tomb for themselves.

No, they knew their message would seem like nonsense. But they shared it anyways. They shared it because they knew it to be true. They shared it because it brought them so much joy. They shared it because they remembered that Jesus had told them that this was what was going to happen; they hadn’t understood it at the time, but afterward they remembered.

When we talk to people about Jesus, we know they will find our message strange. They may ask: “You believe what?” or “You want me to go with you where?” If those who knew Jesus best could harbor doubts about his greatest miracle, we can give our friends, neighbors, and relatives room to doubt too. But, at the same time, if these women could speak up and reach out, so can we.

Who can you speak to about Jesus today? Who can you invite to join you for worship at Easter? Who can you be praying for, asking the Lord to reveal himself to them?

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