Rhythm of life together

Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together …
- from Acts 2:46

Our snapshot of the life of the early Christian community continues to expand. If we look carefully, we can begin to discern a rhythm to their life together.

Remember, this was a community that numbered in the thousands: a diverse community gathered from around the world but scattered throughout Jerusalem.

Every day they would gather together in the temple courts. This was a public gathering, a dangerous gathering. In just a few chapters, we’ll read how some of the apostles were arrested while teaching in the temple courts. But this was the most public place they could find in Jerusalem. People outside of the Christian community – curious and critics alike – could listen in to the apostles’ teaching.

But life together went beyond their daily, large gatherings. They also scattered throughout the city, meeting in homes. They would share a common meal (which probably would have included “communion”) and connect with each other. Barriers that divided people would have been torn down. Strangers would have become friends. Questions about Jesus would have been discussed.

Once again we see this rhythm of gathering and scattering. If you think notice in here echoes of our rhythms of Sunday worship and Small Groups, you’ve caught something that we think is important. The life that God calls us to in Christ is a life in community, a community bigger than you can imagine and small enough to fit in a living room.

Take a look at your life. What does participation in the “community gathered” and the “community scattered” look like for you? How can you more deeply engage with the community of people who love Jesus?

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