Restoration is the goal

Heaven must receive him until the time comes for God to restore everything, as he promised long ago through his holy prophets.
- Acts 3:21

What’s the goal? Restoration.

There’s a time coming when God is going to restore everything. Everything that’s been broken. Everything that’s been defaced. Everything that’s been taken. Everything.

God’s great restoration work is already underway. Peter preached about it in Acts 3, as we’ve seen this week. And we’re about God’s restoration work here in Chatham County. Restoring families. Restoring social systems. Restoring hope for folk who’ve been wandering lost in the wilderness.

But God’s restoration project is not yet complete. Everywhere we look we see signs that there’s more work to do. We can lament this reality even as we roll up our sleeves a little higher. We have neighbors to love. We have neighborhoods to serve. We have vast corners of our county and country that need our attention. But we have to know we’re not working on this project alone.

In the end the story will be that God has restored everything. We may have helped, but he is the one who made the project happen. He gets the credit. We share his joy.

So we keep asking: how is God calling you to join in his great restoration project? What part will you play today?

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