Prayer Walk Prompts


“Prayer-walking”—walking through a neighborhood, praying as you walk—is another way to participate in our COVID-19 Day of Prayer, either alone or with a partner (maintaining social distancing). Here are some suggestions for prayer-walking:

  • Pray for the peace of Christ to rest upon each home you pass, that the peace of Christ would lead people to seek the Lord

  • If you’re walking a familiar neighborhood and know that a neighbor is unemployed, sick, has family members who are sick, pray for these specific needs; otherwise, pray a “general” blessing over each home you pass.

  • Schools: wisdom for reopening; wisdom and strength for the staff to adapt to new ways of teaching; for good, wise leadership from principals, school committees, etc.
  • Businesses: It would be great to, for example, walk the streets of PBO, praying for each business: for owners and staff facing uncertainty, lack of funds, needing to “reinvent,” needing govt loans they have not yet received

  • Government:  It would be great to walk around the government building around/behind the Courthouse in downtown PBO, praying for the work that goes on in each one (and others that come to mind that may be located elsewhere).  Use these “localized” prayers as a springboard to pray for county, state and national governments

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