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Jealousy-Detox Boot Camp Follow-Up


Here's a bonus follow-up to today's message--this is jealousy-detox boot camp!  Whether you struggle deeply with jealousy or just feel an occasional twinge, see if these steps won't help you this week to create more soul space for real joy to take root.

Remember: joy and jealousy cannot co-exist.  Jealousy devastates our joy any time it takes hold of our hearts.  We're fighting here to pre-decide what our primary story is all about and fighting to live into it in practical, specific ways. 

1. Identify the place(s) where you're most prone to jealousy.  This could be a specific person or it could be a category ("successful business people in my industry" or "the people who post perfect vacations/kitchens/kids/dogs/lawns on Facebook").

2. What are the Jesus-outcomes in that area or person that you would rightly enjoy if Jesus-outcomes were the most important outcomes in your life (even if you don't want to celebrate those right now)? 

3. Pray this week for the Lord to cause those outcomes to happen, specifically in the lives of the people that you're most prone toward jealousy. 

4. Some time this week look for a way to publicly (to a group size of anywhere from one to one million people) celebrate or affirm the Jesus-outcomes that you're praying for in someone that you would normallly be tempted to be jealous of.

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I am happy for these couples...I am...it is wonderful to see loving couples and to know loving couples. The jealousy only lasts a second....it does not take root in my heart. But the "why" lingers... especially because the bible says it is not good for man to be alone.

Hey Karen, you bring up a good issue: there are genuine griefs and sadnesses in this life that we're not just supposed to cover-up or ignore. I think going to the Lord with these very good desires and questions is a part of healthy processing and not allowing jealousy to take root in your heart.

For me, it has been looking around and observing couples...families...especially couples who express love for each other. I always wanted to have that......feel left out...wonder why I am not one of those. Why didn't God bring someone special into my life? Maybe if I had a husband I would love him so much that he would be # 1 and I would not be seeking God. When I see a couple holding hands, PDA, I am jealous. :( I would love to grow older (and am already old!) with someone special,

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