His timing is perfect


Now there were staying in Jerusalem God-fearing Jews from every nation under heaven.
- Acts 2:5

God’s timing is perfect.

Jesus told his followers to stay in Jerusalem until God sent his Spirit. And they stayed. Very few of them would have been from Jerusalem (they were mostly from Galilee). Jerusalem was a dangerous place for them (Jesus had just recently been executed there). But God had something special planned for them.

When the feast of Pentecost arrived, pilgrims came to Jerusalem from all across the world to celebrate. They filled hotels and hostels. They stayed with relatives. They walked the streets and frequented the markets. The city came alive with their energy.

God’s timing is perfect.

By sending his Spirit at this moment, he positions his people to have a maximum impact. When that moment comes and they’re filled with the Holy Spirit, all they have to do is go outside and start talking. Immediately representatives of “every nation under heaven” hear about the wonders of God. Seeds are planted in that hour for a global, world-changing movement.

God’s timing in perfect.

Where have you seen God demonstrate perfect timing? Where have you struggled with God’s timing? Where would you like to see God hurry up or slow down? Where do you need help living within God’s perfect timing?

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I struggle so hard with the NOW...I worry so much about the future. I have a very hard time with decisions. I pray for a renewed mind and want it to happen 100% right now!

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