His indescribable gift

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!
- 2 Corinthians 9:15

God’s great gift to us, the gift we celebrate during the Christmas season, is the gift of Jesus Christ.

We lived in a world full of pain, selfishness and darkness. Year after year passed and we experienced winter after winter without Christmas. No peace. No warmth. No generosity. We scrabbled and scrambled to secure our place in the cosmos. And our best efforts were never enough.

Into this damaged world, God descended on Christmas Day. The eternal, immortal, powerful God of the cosmos wrapped himself in human flesh and entered into our human story in the most humble way possible. The power of creation slept in his mother’s arms.

Theologians have grappled for generations to find the language to describe what God did on Christmas Day. But Paul said it well when he called it “God’s indescribable gift.” There are no words to fully explain what happened. We can only be grateful for the generous beauty of what God did for us.

This Jesus grew up over the years. He lived a life of love and generosity. Sharing the little that he had to feed a crowd. Risking his reputation to care for a lost “sinner.” Giving his time to women and children who held little value in that culture.

Out of his generous love, he willingly submitted to arrest, imprisonment, a false trial and a Roman cross. And when it looked like human brokenness and ingratitude would have the last word, Jesus rose from the dead. Today, he extends a generous offer of forgiveness and new life to all who join with him in his mission, his community and his life.

The indescribable gift of his life, love and presence transforms us. His generosity makes us generous if we’ll let him do his work in us.

What does it look like today for you to receive afresh the generous gift God offers us in Jesus Christ?

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