Healing Hearts and Minds


Now a man who was lame from birth was being carried to the temple gate called Beautiful, where he was put every day to beg from those going into the temple courts.
- Acts 3:2

How do you think it would have affected the man emotionally to be placed every day at the temple gate to beg? Wave after wave of worshippers came to the temple. They don’t make eye contact with him. A few make a show of giving him money. What a hard situation to be in!

Life in a broken world attempts to break our spirits. Few escape this life without sustaining some form of emotional or psychological damage. Hurt people hurt people. And the wounds aren’t always physical.

The healing that comes to people from Jesus goes beyond their physical bodies. Hearts and minds also receive Jesus’ healing touch. Unhealthy behavioral patters fall away. Addictions lose their grip. Anxieties relax.

We Christians tend to attract more than our fair share of people with emotional brokenness. That makes sense though. A desert oasis draws the thirsty. A doctor’s office fills with sick folks. Why shouldn’t a church fill with people who need emotional healing?

If we dig deep enough, we’ll all discover corners of our psyche that have endured damage and need healing. Part of Jesus’ work in our lives involves restoring us to health. He helps us view ourselves in a healthy way, establish healthy boundaries, and healthily cope with stress.

How have you received emotional and psychological healing from Jesus? What areas of your mind need Jesus’ healing touch? Take some time today to ask him to restore health to the areas in your heart that need healing.

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Such a "divinely" timed devotional for me this morning! Thank you!

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