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Good Boundaries

The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
    surely I have a delightful inheritance.
- Psalm 16:6
God has given limits to each of us. We can only do so much. We all have the same limited hours in every day: and we can’t produce a single one on our own – they’re all borrowed, given as gifts.
In our busyness, we push at the boundaries. We try to give 110%, not realizing that we don’t actually have that extra 10% to give. We say “Yes” even when we know we should say “Not now” or “No.” Activities pile up. Opportunities stack. And we stretch thinner and thinner.
But when we push the boundaries, we miss out on all the goodness that exists within our circle of influence. What if it’s not actually more pleasant on the other side of the boundary line? What if we don’t need to widen our boundaries to enjoy life? What if the Lord has given us a delightful life right here?
Contentment is the fruit of a soul who’s put down roots in the generosity of God.
When you accept your boundary lines you discover all kinds of rich detail in your day-to-day world. When your world gets smaller, it actually gets bigger. You notice the patterns in the grass, the strange shape of that tree, and the way those rocks have been smoothed by the water. You see the same people over and over again and become a local. You go deeper in conversation because you’ve already talked about all of the surface-stuff you need to talk about in order to build trust.
In our desire for “more,” let’s not neglect the enjoyment of what we have. Today’s passage digs deep into the Old Testament images of land inheritance, tribal/clan boundary markers, and intergenerational identity. But the big principle applies to each of us: God has given us good boundaries.
Which boundaries do you need to embrace? Which boundaries do you struggle with? What difference would it make for you to take time to enjoy life within your God-given boundaries?

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