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God is always working


My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.

- from John 5:17

Things happened in 2014 which were disappointing. 2015 begins with friends still without jobs, a hard situation still unresolved, friends still struggling with health issues, and conflict still in the air.

When Jesus said, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working,” he was addressing the Pharisees who were once again livid that he had healed on the Sabbath. They were also zealous to kill him for claiming to be equal with God.

Many of us who read this Scripture today won't react as the Pharisees did. We believe that Jesus is equal with God and therefore we want to worship Him, not kill Him.

But what do we do with what Jesus says about God always working? Do we believe that? Do we believe that God is working even though there doesn't appear to be a solution on the horizon? Do we trust He is working behind the scenes, bringing light to places we didn't even know were in darkness, working at the perfect pace, working to bring good out of bad?

I have decided that my disappointments are indications I do not believe God is always working. So I am going to amend that list of mine:

  • My friends are still without jobs, but God is always working.
  • This hard situation is still unresolved, but God is always working.
  • My friends are still struggling with health issues, but God is always working.
  • Conflict is still in the air, but God is always working.

Do you have a list of disappointments that could use some amending?


I have come to realize that as of late I have come to live in the land of disappointment. Yes, I am going through a situation that is causing me disappointment. I was fired from my job and there was much that I needed to learn from that. Damian and I are walking a very rocky path right now, a path of discovery.....many days it's like we're stuck in the mud, then a step forward, maybe a step backward. I'm not sure what God's plan is, or was......regarding my job loss. Maybe it's for this moment right now. This season, to learn. To not run away and dive into my work. We don't have enough to cover expenses either, to say we are struggling would be an understatement. What I do know, is that even on the bad days, the gloomy weeks, the rough months....when I am frustrated, angry, discouraged....I know that I can't give up. I will not let that light go out, that part in me that says..."you may not really be listening, you may not believe me, but there is something coming, just hold on, listen, learn, lean into me. Don't run from me. I love you. I love you." Even if the voice of self doubt, self destruction, and self damnation is louder....the whisper and ember is still there, ready to warm me once again, if I only let it.

I really don't know what's ahead. I have so many questions....I wish I could see the script for my life sometimes. But that's faith, right? Trusting in one who loves you without reserve. I have things that I enjoy doing, but do not feel I could make a living off of.....is that God's plan for me? To pursue gifts that I don't see in myself? I have an advanced degree and love my profession, I have a passion for it. I see it as a gift and can only pray that the perfect situation will be presented in time.

"Trust. Hold on. Listen. Lean in. I Love You, My Child."

Ok, Father, I'll do my best.

There is not enough in my budget to cover expenses; I have not lost any weight!; I worry about the future; a job possibility came along but did not materialize. I don't do what I should do but I do what I should not do....

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