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Give Credit

The king rejoices in your strength, Lord.
How great is his joy in the victories you give!
- Psalm 21:1

In today’s passage, David gives credit to where credit is due. The Lord is the one who provides victories, even for the most famous and successful kings. David just passed along the praise.

For God’s people, their most pressing trials were not found in their failures but in their seasons of success. The same was true for King David. And the same is true for us. Success challenges us in ways that failure never will.

Here’s the course that this God-drift takes in us. First we become content with God. Then we become content without him. We become self-satisfied and secure on our own. The drift continues all the way to idolatry, as we pick up on the worship of the gods that are worshipped by our comfortable peers and imitate the best-practices of the successful we want to emulate.

Planting a flag of praise is one way we can resist this drift, one way we can stand secure in the face of all our successes.

Quick: what’s one win or positive thing in your life that you can give God thanks for praise for today?

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