Generous like him

When Jacob learned that there was grain in Egypt, he said to his sons, “Why do you just keep looking at each other?” He continued, “I have heard that there is grain in Egypt. Go down there and buy some for us, so that we may live and not die.”
- Genesis 42:1-2
Joseph and the people of Egypt have stored up so much grain over the last seven years that they stopped counting their supply. Twenty percent of an extraordinary harvest year after year. They have more grain than they know what to do with. What will they do with it?
Joseph and the Egyptians have in their hands the ability to see to it that their neighbors live and don’t die when the horrible famine hits. But sharing their abundance doesn’t come without risk.
The famine hit Egypt too. The storehouses started to drain. What will happen if the famine lasts longer than expected? The murmuring desperation of a scarcity mindset slips into side conversations. As seasons come and go, the open hand can become a clenched fist.
We experience this same dynamic in our own lives. We feel different natural responses in times of abundance and times of scarcity. We can become hesitant to share what we have with others, even others in desperate situations.
But as we follow Jesus, we long to become generous like him. Our hearts’ desire is to share what we have and trust the Lord to provide for us, to multiply our resources, and to take care of both us and the people we bless. Our desire to be the generous people God calls us to be outweighs our desires for rich stockpiles and the promises of security that they offer.
We’ve seen time and time again how our community generously responds to neighbors in crisis and global needs. We’ve made sacrifices to help others. And it’s so worth it.
This week, as we talk about World Vision and sponsoring children who live in extreme poverty, we’re reminded of all the ways our community has chosen to be generous and, in so doing, blessed the world.
Would you take a moment today to thank God for the tremendous generosity of our church community and the opportunities he’s given you over the years to be generous? Thank him also for the blessings you’ve experienced directly as you’ve stepped out to bless others.

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