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Everlasting Father


Everlasting Father ...

- from Isaiah 9:6

One of the names given by Isaiah to Jesus, over 700 years before He was born was: Everlasting Father. So what? Why is it important that we relate to Jesus as our “Everlasting Father”?

“Father” conjures up many ideas—some good, some not so good. If our minds take us to our own earthly fathers, perhaps that picture resonates with pain, apathy, disappointment, fear or rejection. Other memories may ring more positively: care, protection, provision or trust.

In either case, relating to our fathers comes with complexity. All of our fathers were limited and flawed men. When Isaiah described Jesus as “Father,” he leveraged our concept of fatherhood because it is the closest thing we have to this facet of who Jesus is: a father in his best moments.

Our Everlasting Father is never too busy, tired or frustrated to spend time with you. He ALWAYS has your best interests at heart and NEVER disciplines you from His ego or pride. All his moments are his best moments.

So, why “Everlasting” then? In this age of disposable everything, knowing that God is everlasting is a comfort to me. He will never need to be replaced. He doesn’t have a shelf life or expiration date. He won’t get old, worn out, obsolete, irrelevant, or old fashioned. He will not grow blind, deaf, tired, irritable, or forget who we are to Him. He will be with us always. He will always love us.

How does thinking of God as an EVERLASTING FATHER make a difference in how you relate to Him? Ask Him to reveal other ways this description of Himself is relevant to your life and relationship to Him.

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This is hard for me....father....the earthly human father was so different that God the Father.

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