Eternity in our hearts


He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.
- from Ecclesiastes 3:11b
Deep inside you God has placed something in you to draw you to himself, to draw you into his life and his bigger purposes. From your earliest days, eternity has been beating its drums in the interior places of your heart. Listen closely and you can hear it.
Your mind and emotions come unstuck in time from time to time. They wander into the past. They jump into the future. They’re suited in some strange way to connect with eternity.
The eternity that God has set in our hearts isn’t just “life after death.” It’s something that started a long time ago and will run on forever. It sweeps up this present moment and links it together with every other moment that’s ever been or will be. And all of that fits inside you.
You’re bigger on the inside than on the outside. Your busyness wants to trap you in the present: to keep you bound and small and shrinking. But God has bigger purposes for you.
We are most fully alive when that eternal internal part of us resonates with God’s on-going good work. When we’re out of sync with God, we feel it. The drum beat of eternity in our hearts keeps pounding away – keeping time – even if our actions don’t line up with that rhythm.
What if the craziness we feel when we’re crazy busy is due to having two different songs playing inside of us: the drumbeat of eternity and the roar of busyness? All that noise can make it difficult to think, to plan, to thrive. When God silences the noise of busyness, we’re free to reconnect with the eternal rhythms in our hearts.
This is one of the reasons why so many who reject rampant busyness describe the transition as one that brings relief. We feel like a weight is off our shoulders when we’re set free from busyness.
How have you experienced the liberating power of eternity in your relationship with God? Where do you feel busyness trying to trap you? Call out to God and ask him to set you free.

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I have experience the beauty of this connection and it slipped away and I didn't realize it until it was gone. This is what I needed to hear. Thanks.

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