Courage with Christ: Philippians 2:1a


"Therefore if you have any encouragement from being united with Christ ..."

- Philippians 2:1a

Our union with Christ fills us with courage: "if you have any enCOURAGEment from being united with Christ" (emphasis added). 

If we are just followers of Christ, when we stumble we get left behind. If we are just students of Christ, we get lost when we hit something we don't understand. But if we are united with Christ ... if we are tied to him ... we can expect him to carry us when we stumble and persist with us when we don't understand. He is committed to us. And this gives us courage.

This is a theme that Paul repeats throughout his letter to the Philippians. He patiently reminds them that their union with Christ is a larger, invisible, permanent reality that generates bold courage ... even in the face of trials. 

Where in your life do you need to remember that Christ is with you in order to have courage? Who in your life needs to be reminded that Christ is with them?

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Need prayer request for a couple issues:

1. Our daughter Christelle graduated from college in May with a degree in psychology and is looking for work in the area. Pray for her that she can find a job.

2. Jeannette and I have been trying to sell our home in NJ for over 2 years now but have not been successful so we rented it out. However the tenant is leaving at the end of this month. Pray for us to find a buyer or to find another tenant. Our preference will be to sell but we will accept whatever The Lord determines.

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