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Attracting a crowd

And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.
- Jesus, from John 12:32

Jesus’ fame attracted a crowd. They wanted to see him work miracles. They wanted to hear his powerful teaching. They wanted a show.

But Jesus had much more than a show to offer to the crowd. He would offer his very life for them. And, giving it, would then offer them liberation from the burden of sin and the fear of death. Instead of a show, they would receive a Savior.

Jesus would be lifted up from the earth on the day he was pinned to the cross. He would be lifted up from the earth on the day he rose from the grave. He would be lifted up from the earth on the day he ascended and took his seat on God’s own throne.

Jesus continues to attract people to himself for different reasons.

Some still come to him looking for a show. They want something to tickle their emotions or ease their anxieties. They want healing or inspiration. And often they settle for substitutes to Jesus. They settle for a good song or a good sermon or a good community. And they miss out on the bigger thing Jesus is offering them.

Jesus draws people to himself to save them from themselves. He offers them an opportunity to sign over the leadership of their lives to him. He offers them a chance to die and live a new life. He gives them a glimpse of who he truly is: a Savior, not a showman.

How is Jesus drawing you to himself today? Where do you feel him tugging at you, correcting you, nudging you? Where do you find his invitation to see him more clearly and love him more deeply?

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