An Expected Surprise

And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night.
- Luke 2:8
Night time could be a dangerous time for a shepherd. The predators of the night would come to hunt the sheep. Lions and wolves and bears … oh my. Some in their crew might sleep the night away, but others would keep watch beneath the starlight. And they would do this night after night.
Christmas Eve would surprise these guys.
God sometimes shows up when we least expect it. He sometimes shows up when we’re bored or when we’re grinding away at work. He sometimes shows up when we’re surrounded by danger and alert to the darkness.
This week we’re going to be looking at the story of Christmas Eve as we prepare ourselves to celebrate Christmas together and with our friends and family. And as we do that we expect God to show up in surprising and special ways.
That’s part of the miracle of Christmas. The shepherds had never heard of anything like this. The surprise was surprising. But we can look back on their ordinary night and see that any ordinary moment is a moment that could be pregnant with potential for a miracle.
What are some ways God might show up and make this ordinary Christmas extraordinary? Dream a little and ask God to move.

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