A Secret Reward

Lana Waters Liu 

Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you (Matthew 6:4b, 6b, 18b). 

I get that Jesus is making a point here about not using the Pharisees as a standard of righteousness. Yet I believe there is also another, a more subtle, right-side-up reality behind His words. I believe He is alluding to a delightful reality that we're going to miss out on if we keep trying to live for the accolades of men.

It is the reality of sharing secrets with Jesus.

Secrets are private intimate things, aren't they? They are secret because we don't talk about them to just anybody. We don't publish them for all to access.

That is true of secrets that are shameful, but also true of secrets that are wonderful.

Do you have someone you can share wonderful secrets with? You would probably describe that person as very dear to you, someone you trust, someone you can be real with.

That person would be someone who enjoys you, treasures your relationship, and wants the best for you.

I think Jesus is asking us to see Him that way and to keep some things just between Him and us. He is wanting to be the special one we run to with our secrets.

I have a wonderful memory of the day our son called to tell us he had just asked his girlfriend's father for his blessing for their wedding. He was still a bit shaky, but also so very happy. Of course, this was a secret he was sharing. We would keep it just between us for many weeks until he popped the question.

During those weeks I remember feeling very close to him and so happy for him.

I believe this closeness and happiness is what happens when we share a wonderful secret with Jesus—either one we tell Him or one He tells us. 

Which brings us to that word “reward.” In Genesis 15:1 the Lord said to Abram, “I am your...very great reward.” How could there be a greater reward than Jesus and a secret-sharing relationship with Him?

Going forward...

Can you think of a time you and Jesus shared a wonderful secret? (Of course you can't tell anybody! But you can remember.)

 If you'd like to share a secret with Jesus, now is a good time. Anytime is a good time.

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