A Mighty Team


These are the names of David’s mighty warriors …
- from 1 Samuel 23:1
David the giant-killer didn’t go through life alone. He didn’t fight his battles alone. He surrounded himself with what the narrative calls “mighty warriors.”
If anyone could have justified fighting and going through life alone, it was David. He would have spent time alone as a shepherd. He would have had lonely nights on the run from King Saul. After his fight with Goliath, he would have carried legendary status throughout the community. He would have been honored and respected, but this would have also left him isolated.
David made intentional decisions to surround himself with people. He learned over the course of his life that he was not able to be the person God wanted him to be when he was isolated.
We are better together. The Lord has hard-wired us for community, that we thrive when we have meaningful connections. And this also is the best way for us to engage the world for good.
Who are the mighty warriors in your life? Where have you struggled with isolation? What would it look like for you to take a step toward connection this week?

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Hey--there was not a place to leave a message on today's post (Sept. 11). But I just wanted to say that these passages about David's mighty men are some of my favs! Reading about these guys sets my heart aflight...as a woman...as a fellow warrior...as a follower of this WILD God. LOVE this! :-)

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