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Campus Teaching Pastor Search


Campus Teaching Pastor


Chatham Community Church is recruiting a full-time Campus Teaching Pastor. The responsibilities of this position include being the primary teacher at our Pittsboro campus (and all the commensurate pastoral care responsibilities that come with such a position) in partnership with the lead pastor.

 As the church is continuing to grow from its roots as a church plant, it is expected that the person chosen for this position would also lead at least one additional ministry within the organization. There is a preference for someone who would take point responsibility for the support and development of our small group ministry. Other possibilities might include counseling, evangelism and outreach, global missions, administrative duties, etc. We invite candidates to highlight their interest in one or more of these areas.


About the Church

 Chatham Community Church is a thriving, mid-sized, multi-campus, non-denominational church located in Chatham County with campuses located in Chapel Hill, NC and in Pittsboro, NC.  Learn more about Chatham Church at www.chathamchurch.org.

Position Vision & Summary


Our vision at Chatham Community Church is connecting people to God and to each other. 

 The person chosen for this position will teach weekly in partnership with the other teaching pastor and will primarily serve the campus located in Pittsboro, NC.  Sermon preparation duties will include discussing sermon topics, approach and delivery, and content in a team teaching arrangement while tailoring a given sermon to the culture/needs of the Pittsboro campus.  This person would also be expected to function in typical pastoral counseling roles and to be involved in mentoring and development of others. 

 The person chosen for this position will be eligible to be a part of the executive staff as well as serving on the elder team to make strategic and tactical decisions in cooperative partnership with the elders, leadership team, and the broader ministry leadership

 The person chosen for this position will also be responsible for working with the staff team as well as volunteers to support CCC’s programming as needed.


Position Requirements and Responsibilities


Key Requirements

  • Teach in a way that connects with a wide range of people (age, gender, ethnicity)
  • Bring a demonstrable value-added ministry skillset to augment and develop at least one of our ministries
  • In collaboration with the lead team, strategize and execute initiatives
  • In concert with other ministry leaders, coordinate and develop ministry volunteers
  • Support CCC’s programming through leadership and administrative support

 Requirements & Qualifications

  • Teach in a style which connects with a range of people (Christians, non-believers, a wide age range, as well as diverse ethnicities and backgrounds)
  • Demonstrate fluency in a wide variety of biblical spiritual formation approaches, techniques, and practices
  • Demonstrate relational integrity and cooperative partnerships with fellow staff, the lead team, and volunteers; including an ability to resolve conflict effectively and successfully as needed
  • Demonstrate flexibility as the church pursues an outreach oriented multi-site strategy. Inherent in such a growth oriented strategy are uncertainties which will require flexibility and adaptability in order to overcome obstacles for successful outcomes
  • Demonstrate an aptitude for pastoral care and provide pastoral care to congregants as needed and in partnership with the pastoral staff and the elder team
  • Demonstrate a growing commitment to Christ including a strong biblical foundation
  • Commit to healthy personal spiritual development that overflows into helping others grow spiritually
  • Demonstrate leadership and organizational skills
  • Work with an outreach oriented, relational, and team-focused ministry style
  • Demonstrate compatibility with Chatham Community Church beliefs, mission, and vision
  • Demonstrate compatibility with Chatham Community Church culture. Specifically, fully support such cultural distinctives as:
    • a non-hierarchical approach to leadership - we are an elder led church with all elders being equal including the lead pastor
    • participation in an all male elder team which actively encourages and affirms female leadership in all other ministry areas
    • a moderate and common sense approach to evangelical theological positions (CCC is neither a liberal nor a conservative church theologically and we would describe ourselves as “big tent evangelical” when it comes to our belief system)
    • a flexible approach to teaching which takes into account a congregation that is a blend of non-churched, de-churched, and committed life-long Christians
    • an embrace of a narrative teaching style which is both scripturally based and culturally relevant delivered with sufficient depth as to engage a congregation with the composition noted above
    • an ability as a leader to be transparent and humble
    • a location in a county undergoing rapid change from a rural to a more suburban community--candidates must be willing to love and engage both our rural and suburban neighbors.
  • Adopt a servant leader posture (this is how our pastoral staff and elders lead the church – really)
  • Possess a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience at minimum

Salary & Benefits

This is a full time (40-hour/week) position eligible for all employee benefits including insurance and retirement plans. The salary range for this position will be between $55,000-$65,000/year.   

Reporting Structure

This position reports to the Lead Pastor of Chatham Community Church

Candidate Questions

  • Tell your story showing several positive and negative change agents in your life and ministry
  • Please describe your teaching style, recurring themes, and how you have led the body through your teaching.
  • We desire to experience relational community in every aspect of life as we serve God through small groups and worship. How have you led others and dealt with specific difficulties within a relational community?


Interested applicants are invited to submit a cover letter, resume, responses to candidate questions and a link to a sample sermon to Pastorsearch@chathamchurch.org.

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