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Budget time!

A great budget reflects our core values and propels the mission forward. Last year at this time, you approved a budget that did just that. Here are just a couple of examples:

CCC Core Value: Outward Facing

   As a result of this past year's budget:

  • We're involved in more local community events (the PBO Christmas Tree Lighting, Reindeer Run, Eggstreme Spring Fling) and built more bridges with our non- Christian neighbors than ever before

  • The result: significant spiritual conversations and new people coming to CCC

CCC Core Value: Relationally Connected

   In part due to this past year's budget:

  • We've had more new and returning people connecting to small groups than we've had since COVID
  • Volunteer appreciation dinner for over 200
  • Christian Business Collaborative connects people and integrates faith and work
  • Meals delivered to the sick and new parents
  • Prayer ministry contributes healing to marriages, bodies, and homes  

CCC Core Value: Gospel Centered

  In part due to this past year's budget:

     • We've grown in our experience of the Holy Spirit

     • We proclaimed the good news of Christmas and Easter to hundreds of our neighbors

     • At both Christmas and Easter people indicated making significant steps of faith

  • 2023-24 Proposed Budget