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Trust and Guidance

Maybe the struggle isn’t with guidance; maybe the struggle is with trust....

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The Pathmaker

The Lord cares how we live our lives. ...

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Building Trust on Trust

Our relationship with the Lord can create space for us to have other relationships....

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Wholehearted Trust

Wholehearted trust in the Lord looks like depending on him rather than your own understanding....

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A Glance at Trust

We have so many options for where to place our trust....

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High Stakes Wisdom

We don’t just pursue wisdom for our sake. When we get wisdom, everyone around us gets blessed....

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You can choose

You can choose who you spend time with and how you will allow them to influence you....

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Becoming a mentor

You’ve been entrusted with something precious....

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Leveraging Wisdom for Influence

If we want to grow in wisdom, we need to spend time with those who have wisdom. ...

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Walking with the Wise

What do you picture when you picture walking with the wise? ...

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