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From ordinary to extraordinary

Just as God can take the ordinary and make it extraordinary, he can take the sacred and make it holy....

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When the fun winds down

Jesus kept the party going....

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Tis the Season

God wants to be present in every corner of our lives....

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Spirit and Truth

There’s so much packed into this one tiny verse. ...

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Switchtracks reveal something about the person with whom we’re speaking. What we do with these switchtracks matters....

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She had such a hard time seeing beyond her thirst. And so do we....

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Asking for help

We don’t like to be vulnerable, to expose our needs to strangers, or to be the one asking for help. We’d much rather give answers....

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Strange Paths

Jesus’ need to go through Samaria had nothing to do with logistics and travel efficiency and everything to do with his mission to seek and save the lost....

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Seeking Jesus

Our obsession with being right keeps us from being loving and, in effect, keeps us from experiencing full and deep and rich intimacy with Jesus....

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Finding Common Ground

Doing this requires courage....

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